Lionhead Natural Water Slide in Priest Lake Idaho

You are definitely going to want to get your feet wet on this adventure in Priest Lake, Idaho. Make sure to bring a car with a decent amount of clearance as the road to get here is a little treacherous. Our Subaru Outbacks did fantastic. Bringing along a trash bag is going to be a definite on the list of things to bring. The trash bag will allow you to go much faster down the rock slide. We also brought some other essentials like a towel, snack, and other clothes. Just don’t forget pack out what you pack in. Leave no trace. Enjoy!

Click here for directions from Coeur d’ Alene, ID



9 thoughts on “Lionhead Natural Water Slide in Priest Lake Idaho

  1. I drove around last weekend up there never did find the place massive spur roads very rough. Looking for detailed map. I was told to stay left, lol drove every road left.

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    1. Oh dang. Well once you get to lion head unit after a little bridge you’ll see a parking area and you’ll turn right onto that dirt road. Just keep following that for 5 miles or so. You’ll see a wooden sign that says slides this way or something, (keeping left at the first fork) after the fork, follow that road and don’t turn left anywhere. Just. keep. going. Hopefully that helps!


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