10 Surprising Ways to Save Money on Outdoor Gear 

1. Ebates.com

What is it? It’s a cash back site. Let’s say you want to buy some chalk for your next deep water solo rock climbing adventure. You will go to Ebates.com search, say, “backcountry.com”, here you will see a list of either coupons, promotions or free shipping deals. Just click ‘shop now’ and you are on your way to getting 4% cash back on your purchase (or whatever the deal is you’re going for). Aside from the coupons and shipping promotions, Ebates will give you a percentage back on whatever you buy at that particular store in the form of a big fat check. Just go to your account on Ebates and it’ll tell you your money back amount. It’s free to start and there are no catches, so why not? I’ve personally received over 400 dollars on online purchases.

The Perks:

  • Up to 40% Cash Back
  • Shop 2,000+ stores & brands
  • 10,000+ coupons available 
  • Double Cash Back on select stores during holidays as well as daily picks
  • It’s always free to sign up and earn

Sign up here!

2. ActiveJunky.com

Similar to Ebates, ActiveJunky.com is a free cash back site that acts as a portal to other sites and gives you money back when you use it. ActiveJunky.com is more focused towards outdoor/ active brands and stores. I typically choose this site over Ebates when I am going for outdoor gear because it usually gives more money back. Just look on both sites to see who has the most percentage back to ensure you’re saving all you can.

The Perks:

  • Up to 20% Cash Back on all purchases
  • Shop 250+ stores & brands
  • Get the latest outdoor news & gear reviews
  • Access exclusive coupons

Sign up here!

3. TheClymb.com

TheClymb.com is a members-only website featuring premium outdoor brands at up to 70% off retail prices. That sounds pretty enticing! Signing up is free. The thing with this site is you just have to keep checking to see if they have what you want. They don’t always have the same stuff, so keep your eyes peeled for the best deals!

The Perks:

  • Up to 70% off on name brands
  • Free to sign up
  • Follow their blog for awesome stories
  • Discounted travel adventures

Sign up here!

4. Steep&Cheap.com

Steep&cheap is kind of similar to TheClymb.com. It’s a site that was founded by TheBackcountry.com and carries limited-time, limited-quantity deals for the outdoorsman (or woman) that is on a tight budget. Again, same as TheClymb.com you should keep your eyes peeled because they don’t always carry the same stuff. You just have to keep checking back or sign up for their email list for notifications.

The Perks:

  • I’ve seen things Up to 80% off
  • Mass variety of active/ outdoorsy gear
  • “Current Steal” every so often

Sign up here!

5. Buy out-of-season

Shopping for your favorite gear when it first comes out is going to be expensive. Instead, buy the awesome new sleeping bag you want the next season when it becomes cheaper. Or buy that puffy warm down jacket right after winter when nobody wants one and stores are trying to get rid of inventory.

6. Wait for the holidays to come

Typically a store will have a sale on a holiday or roughly 2 days before and after one. You could save up to 20% off your next outdoor gear purchase. Going back to Ebates.com, it likes to do double cash back on some holidays. I usually try and shop around christmas time. Last year around Black Friday time, Moosejaw.com gave 50% back towards their rewards site. Such a good deal. I bought a jacket for my girlfriend and got like $200 back. I bought a sleeping pad, and Nalgene bottle with the money I received back. Score!

7. Use Honey!

Honey is Browser add-on which only works only with Google Chrome. When you go to purchase that sweet new tent from REI, Honey is going to make it’s way through all kinds of sites looking for coupons you can use. What’s even better is it’s going to try and apply all of them automatically at checkout. It will kick in automatically and all you have to do is download it to your tool bar. You also have the chance to receive what it calls HoneyGold. Basically it’s cash back from shopping. Sounds like a sweet deal. See what I did there?

The Perks:

  • “Find Savings” button to your toolbar
  • Automatically finds all available coupons at checkout
  • Automatically enters codes it finds in the promo code box and applies if they work
  • Chance at getting “Gold Honey” aka money back

Sign up here! 

8. Shop Local Listings

We’re talking about Craigslist.com, the newspaper, Facebook shop and swap groups, what ever you can find. These people are getting rid of their gently used items that you can score for a deal. Don’t forget to haggle. Always haggle. There are most likely no returns with these shopping choices so shop wisely.

9. Membership Bonus with REI

REI.com gives you a dividend back from all the things you buy throughout the year. It’s typically around 10% back. The catch is you just have to sign up to be a member, it is a one time fee of $20 and it lasts a lifetime. Better believe I signed up. I even got its credit card so I pretty much get 5% back on all REI purchases as well as the 10% membership dividend totaling a whopping %15 back all the time! Plus I also use those cash back sites. You could say I am making it rain with all the dollar bills yo. Be careful with the credit card. Make sure you pay it off as soon as the purchase posts so you don’t accrue an interest. I personally have never had any interest billed to me because I am smart about it. You do the same and you’ll make it rain. By the way if you just happen to sign up for that credit card you will get a $100 gift card to REI. Also you should say I referred you and put my number in when you sign up for that credit card: 13974239

10. Combos for Days!

As I explained in number nine, combine some of these ways to save for maximum savings! Get creative. I typically go to Activejunky.com search for REI.com and with that you get:

Thanks for reading and happy savings! 

3 thoughts on “10 Surprising Ways to Save Money on Outdoor Gear 

  1. Thank you so much for sharing these! We just got back from Colorado and could definitely have used some of your tips! I’ll keep these in mind for our next outdoor adventure!


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