Freestyle Kayaking at “Dead Dog” Hole

Just when you think you’ve seen everything… A few weeks ago, my buddy and colleague invited me out kayaking. In January. After realizing he wasn’t joking, I respectfully declined going on the water, but said I’d love to watch him from the shore. Editor’s note: I will eventually join Drew on the water, but he’d … More Freestyle Kayaking at “Dead Dog” Hole

Lucky to Be Alive Pt. III: The Bear Encounter

By David Humphreys, Co-founder of MTN Talk Michael Gribbin, Steven Scarcello and Lane Smith ventured deep into the woods outside Vancouver, British Columbia. The three North Idaho residents loved exploring new places. Little did they know a life-changing event was about to happen. The three hikers trudged up the grueling dirt trail. As they grew … More Lucky to Be Alive Pt. III: The Bear Encounter