The Newest Members of MTN Talk – Blog Update

Hey everyone! I wanted to give you guys an update on MTN Talk as its been a long time since I’ve contributed to this outdoor blog.

Since my last post, we’ve grown our family of four (counting our dog, Diesel) to five! We welcomed our son, Logan, into the world earlier this year. He’s a smiley little dude, and loves his milk. Seriously, the dude downs a seven-ounce bottle faster than his older sister, Mya.

We’re happy, healthy, and exhausted.

As you may expect, Trisha and I have been elbow deep in diapers, so it’s been tough to make the time MTN Talk deserves. We spend most of our evenings sniffing the air, wondering which kid just filled their britches. The rest of our time is spent figuring out which garbage can Mya pitched the TV remote into.

But enough about poop.

Now that we have two little ones, we’d like to share our family adventures with you. Whether it’s a walk around local trails in North Idaho or exploring caverns in Montana, our goal is to share our outdoor experiences with you. We hope to make you laugh, learn about new destinations, and connect you to a diverse community of fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

Luckily for me, my amazing wife has volunteered to help me bring MTN Talk back to life. She’s much more organized, motivated, and a bunch of other adjectives that end with “ed.” We both feel excited for things to come for our PNW outdoor blog. As our family grows, its time MTN Talk grows along with it. 🙂

I’d like to thank all of my friends, family, and every reader for supporting MTN Talk. We’ve got many more adventures to come!

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