Palouse Falls Meetup

February 10th, 4:30am, the most daring of adventurers woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to go chase the most PNW waterfall that’s out there, Palouse Falls. We loved it so much last year, that we had to come back! So we grouped together at the Riverstone parking garage in Coeur d’ Alene and off we went!


There were a total of five cars filled with wondrous souls, ready to hike down to the falls. From Coeur d’ Alene, the drive is about two and a half hours to get there. You then take the exit to Ritzville, turn left onto Highway 261 and continue on until you reach Palouse Falls Road on the left hand side.


Before we made it to Palouse Falls, we made a coffee stop in Ritzville because who normally wakes up at 3am? It was well worth it though! YOLO. Just kidding. You live everyday!


The sunrise peaked its way through the desert like terrain as we were coming close to the parking lot. We all stretched our legs, drank coffee, and geared up before descending down the valley walls of the waterfall.

Above the waterfall. Top Row-Left to Right: Savannah, Ryan, Aslan, Hannah, Crystal. Bottom Row-Left to Right: Taylor, Paul, Thomas, David.

Down the narrow trail we go, one by one, slipping and sliding on loose dirt and ice. Stopping occasionally to take it all in as the sun beamed down on the roaring waterfall. Mist filled the air as we got closer. We couldn’t have picked a more beautiful February morning to hike to Palouse Falls.

Group Waterfall
Left to Right: Ryan, Crystal, Thomas, Savannah, and Aslan.

The group split as we all explored and then regrouped at the top of the waterfall. Snacks and hot cocoa hit the spot! Mighty Organic meat sticks, jerky, Mighty Bars, and Primal Kitchen bars held us over before wandering some more.

Mighty Organic.jpg
Hannah, Josh, and Paul enjoying Mighty Organic treats!

Playing around on the rocks, taking photos for memories, climbing a rock wall with pipes and meeting new adventure buddies made it worth it to wake up at 3am! Call us crazy!

Hannah Climbing

After goofing around at Palouse Falls, we headed to That PNW Bus. We couldn’t find it! Come to our knowledge, it has been moved to the town of Washtucna.

Hannah Bus

Thank goodness we found it! It is such a cool site to see. Our talented crew performed for us, doing backflips on and off of the bus and getting our poses on and just looking cool, ya know?

That PNW Bus
That PNW Bus

We want to thank each and every one of you for coming and making this field trip possible. Thanks for being troopers and waking up before the birds and Starbucks baristas. We hope you enjoyed yourselves, just as much as we did. It was a pleasure to meet everyone!

Another shout out to Mighty Organic for sponsoring our field trip and Primal Kitchen for provided yummy treats for everyone!

Bre Tay
Bre and Taylor
Thomas Aslan
Thomas and Aslan
Paul David
Paul and David
Josh Waterfall




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