Sailing and Stargazing in Seattle

The Seattle sun poked through the clouds overhead as a fresh gust of wind filled our main sail. Nick Cann, my friend and fellow seamen, manned the helm of his 35-foot sailboat as I sat back to take it all in. Lazy waves slapped our starboard side, rocking us just enough for me to feel nauseous.

Our weekend destination: the Puget Sound. So with beer, food and cheap cigars in hand, we made our way from the South Park Marina to the bay nestled against downtown Seattle.

(As a side note, this seaside marina gives off an overwhelming sketchy vibe, so I recommend avoiding this area if you value your life.)

This was my first time sailing, so I couldn’t help but absorb every bit of this experience.

Thank God my buddy Nick knew what he was doing…

After sailing under a handful of city bridges, Nick and I emerged from the channel and into the Puget Sound. The Seattle skyline stretched across the horizon. But the best views were the ones without buildings.


Over the course of the day, Nick and I ventured farther out into the Puget Sound. This master seaman and my best buddy taught me to trim the sails and hoist the lines, techniques I almost instantly forgot.

If you’re new to sailing, you may be overwhelmed by all the new terms and techniques that come with cruising the open sea. But that’s quite alright! If you need a refresher, there’s always Google.

Open water greeted us on all sides, with only the occasional cargo ship cutting through the water and heading to or from Seattle’s port.


Spotting these sea lions was the highlight of the trip in my book.

Here’s another photo of the sea lions because I couldn’t choose between the two.


After a day of sailing the bay, Nick and I dropped anchor near Kingston, Washington. This coastal town is a perfect place to cruise in and get a bite to eat. There are dozens of seafood restaurants with the freshest fish you can ever imagine. I felt like Smeagol biting into the catch of the day.

It was chilly on this day—not going to lie.

Sleeping on a sailboat is a trip, let me tell you. It feels like you’re on a waterbed that never stops moving. But don’t let that detract you from trying it out! I’m sure you will eventually succumb to exhaustion and pass out just fine. Although it takes some getting used to, there’s something truly calming about rocking back and forth on a sailboat. You feel like a wee little baby.

Hearing the waves splash against the boat will put you to sleep in no time.


The next morning, a beautiful view greeted our sleepy eyes. This was the Puget Sound at it’s finest, and I felt lucky to be sailing on it. After cruising around the bay and learning how to open up each sail, we started back to ghetto South Park. The sun dipped below the horizon, and Seattle’s city lights began to illuminate our journey to port.

The South Park Marina is a few bridges down from the Puget Sound.

After a night out in the sound, we weaved our way back to our departure point.

As a first-time sailer, I’d go back again in a heartbeat (as long as a knowledgable seaman was present). Sailing was a way to view Seattle’s natural beauty, and I’m always up for a fresh perspective. IMG_1168.jpgHave you ever sailed in the Puget Sound or elsewhere? Let us know about your maritime experience in the comments below!

As always, thank you so much for reading!


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