10 Christmas Gifts for Her: Outdoors

It’s that time of year where we stress and worry about what we get each other for Christmas! Christmas should never stress you out when it comes to finding the perfect gift for that special adventurous woman in your life, whether that be your girlfriend, wife, sister, or mom. Sometimes we could all use a little advise about what to get them for Christmas. Well guys, I have your back! These gift ideas will be sure to leave their hearts happy! And if you’re tight on cash and you have nothing to give but your time, don’t worry, just make new memories by exploring your local trails with family and friends. The holidays are all about spending quality time together doing the things that make our souls happy. Not spending all our hard earned money on things that don’t really matter. Here is a little visual for you; remember that time you hiked along the lake and found a flock of ducklings and smelled the fresh mountain pine? These little details and being with your loved ones on that beautiful day will always leave an everlasting memory in your heart. A $400 Louis Vuitton hand bag would never give you that! Just remember, its all about the little things, but the gift of gifting is one gift you can gift yourself. Try saying that 10x fast!

Tip: Make sure to personalize each of these items to match their personality. One year, my boyfriend Josh, got me a sleeping bag for my birthday. The most thoughtful and sweetest thing about that sleeping bag is that it is actually called “Cats Meow”. I thought that was the coolest thing ever because I LOVE cats. It’s the little things.


1. SmartWool Margarita Knee High Socks

These socks are made out of a blend of fibers including wool, nylon and spandex. They are perfect for hiking and everyday wear. Keep her toes warm this winter!


2. Columbia Darling Days Pullover Hoodie

This hoodie is perfect for cooler weather. It is made up of a warm polyester fleece and comes with a hood. Perfect for her everyday wear or for when the outdoors are calling her name!

3. Rox River Wool Glomitts and SmartWool Pine Lake Chevron Scarf

Wool gloves and scarves are amazing! Here are a couple options that are made out of wool to keep her warm and is moisture wicking.

4. Hydro Flask and Nalgene Bottle

I prefer to carry a Nalgene bottle because it is lightweight and it holds a ton of water. They come in all different colors and sizes too! I also recommend a Hydro Flask. It is a vacuum sealed bottle that keeps things cold or hot for hours. I have one of these and it is amazing, especially for hot tea!


5. Merrell Siren Edge WP Hiking Shoe

These waterproof hiking shoes will keep her feet dry and comfortable for all of her adventures. The mesh also keeps the shoe breathable and has odor control.


6. The North Face Cats Meow Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag will keep her warm and fits a woman’s body perfectly in chilly and dry conditions. Some bags are made with synthetic materials like The Cats Meow, and some are made up of goose down. Both would keep her warm but offer different features. Down is usually warmer and lighter in weight than synthetic but synthetic holds up to moisture and will still retain warmth if wet. If you’re not sure which sleeping bag is best for her, here is a link from REI that explains in more detail about the pros and cons of the two.


7. evrgrn Pendelton Blanket

Wool blankets are amazing to have while being outdoors, especially if it’s chilly outside or it could be a great addition to the couch for added warmth this winter. This specific blanket is 100% wool and becomes softer after every wash!



8. Therm-a-rest ProLite Sleeping Pad

Nowadays, sleeping pads have come along way! Most pads are light and pretty comfortable to sleep on. I love this pad because it has self-inflating abilities which helps when you’re ready to snooze for the night. Give the gift of comfort!



9. Cocoon Air Core Hyperlite Pillow

Personally, I LOVE the idea of a light and compact pillow while I’m sleeping in the backcountry. I slept without one for years, until I discovered these backpacking pillows. These pillows will not only keep her comfortable but also help keep her head warm and packs to the size of a small jar container.


10. Gift Cards

Gift cards don’t necessarily mean you don’t know what to get her, maybe she actually enjoys receiving a gift card to her favorite outdoorsy stores. REI, Cabelas, Backcountry are all amazing places to get a gift card. That way if she has any questions about outdoor gear, they can help her choose the correct option.


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