5 Reasons Why I HATE Hiking


PCT sunsets
The most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen.

1. The Hills

Walking uphill and walking downhill sucks so much. You actually have to use effort, watch where you step and get stronger. Who would want to get stronger and more coordinated? Not me, that’s for sure. You have to experience pain to gain? What kind of non-sense is that?

Summit of Lunch Counter on Mount Adams

2. The Views

The views are ridiculous out here. You hike all the way up a stupid mountain and all you can see is land for miles that no on else could possibly imagine looked the way it does. Sometimes you can only see clouds where it looks like your above the earth. DUMB!

Ptarmigan Falls-Montana

3. It’s SO QUIET

I don’t know about you but I don’t go into nature wanting to escape my busy life at the office. I go there to experience the same loud busy life. You don’t hear anything but streams flowing, birds chirping, and wind rustling through the trees. Sure it’s peaceful but no one like peace. Let’s be honest.

Hike to Hidden Lake in Logan Pass
Hike to Hidden Lake in Logan Pass

4. Accomplished Walking?

If you want to find something where you can feel free and accomplished? Better keep looking because hiking doesn’t do anything in that realm. Hiking up a crazy tall mountain? Lame. Saw wildlife in their natural habitat? That’s what the zoo is for. Trekked 30 miles where not many people get to go? No one goes there for a reason, it’s too difficult and beautiful. If you truly want to walk and see some crazy things, better hit the local mall because they’ve got it all. Or Walmart actually.

Iceberg Lake Glacier national park

5. Self Reliance

You have to carry your own belongings and rely on yourself out in the woods? I would rather be cared for by my mommy at my house. Also, that’s what sherpas are for. Duh.

Thanks for reading! Why do YOU hate hiking?


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