Pacific Northwest Coast Road Trip Itinerary


So, you’ve got 4 days and you want to go explore the Pacific Northwest Coast? Well, we got the opportunity to do just that. Here is our Pacific Northwest road trip itinerary and how we explored it, starting from Coeur d’ Alene, ID going to Cape Flattery, down to the Oregon/California border and back to Coeur d’ Alene. If you live closer to the coast to begin with well, then you’ll get to enjoy it more because of time.

First Stop: Sol Duc Falls

Unfortunately for us, we didn’t check the park information before going there and it was closed on us.  Darn it, we were really looking forward to this spot. This isn’t the coast but it was on the way so we thought we’d try and check it out.

Photo by: Josh Blakley

Second Stop: Cape Flattery

The most Northwestern part of the United in Neah Bay, WA. States. This place doesn’t get any more PNW. It’s home to a light house, tall coniferous trees, the Pacific Ocean, hiking, ocean cliffs where the big waves crash and cave below your feet.

Photo by: Josh Blakley

Third Stop: Ruby Beach

Ruby beach is not too far from Cape Flattery. Located in the Olympic National Forest along the Washington coast. A typical PNW beach; big awesome rocks sticking up out of the ocean and tons of drift wood to play on. Of course there’s sand and the ocean waves.

Photo by: Josh Blakley

Fourth Stop:  The Ship Wreck of the Peter Iredale

Our next stop was a cool ship wreck we randomly found on google. Ship wrecks always sound dope to visit so we decided to check it out! It was beautiful there. Honey was chasing the sea-foam, there was a rainbow behind the ship and there weren’t very many people there.

Fifth Stop:  Pendleton in Newport

Not really sure why we stopped here to be honest. We just like Pendleton blankets I guess. It was neat but I’d skip it next time.

Photo by Josh Blakley

Sixth Stop:  Cannon Beach

Ahh…the classic Cannon Beach. Home to where the Goonies was filmed and the famous Haystack Rock. A beach definitely worth checking out if you’ve never been.

Photo by: Josh Blakley

Seventh Stop:  Hug Point

A cave and little waterfall is just a short drive away from Cannon Beach. Unfortunately you need to go when the tide is low. At least that’s what we discovered. So make sure and check the tide times if you want to take full advantage of this destination.

Eight Stop:  Lincoln City

We mainly just stayed here because the hotel let us have our dog, Honey, in the hotel room. We also ate a nice dinner here at Kyllo’s Restaurant. We woke up early and bounced out to our next destination.

Devils Punchbowl.jpg
Photo by: Josh Blakley

Ninth Stop: Devils Punch Bowl State Natural Area

Devils Punch Bowl in Otter Rock, OR is such an awesome place. This is another one of those places you’ll want to check out at either high tide or at its lowest tide. We wanted a low tide so we could go in it but unfortunately it wasn’t low enough. It was still worth it to stop there though. Does the tide get lower in certain months? We don’t know that answer but if you do we’d love to know!

Photo by: Taylor Abrahamson

Tenth Stop: Natural Bridges View Point

This a our long haul drive, all the way to Samuel H. Boardman Natural Bridges view-point. We were definitely debating on whether we should drive this far down but basically we said screw it let’s just do it. So we drove all the way down in the rain hoping it would stop but it never did. These natural bridges were so incredible. We definitely want to go back when it isn’t raining.

Well that concludes our road trip along the Pacific Northwest Coastline. Out of the many stops you could make, what are your favorites?


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