Epic Hikes in the Pacific Northwest

The great Pacific Northwest is filled with breathtaking mountains, waterfalls worth chasing, serene alpine lakes, and forests abundant with many different types of green giants. Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Montana; Western Montana that is. With so many different wilderness areas where hiking is abundant, we wanted to share some of our favorites in each PNW state.



Mt. Baker Wilderness Area: Home to places like Big Four Ice Caves and Mt. Pilchuck, this hiking area will be sure to leave you with satisfied, tired, shaky hiking legs.

Triple Falls Bridge
Triple Falls in Oregon Photo by Josh Blakley


Columbia River Gorge: There are so many waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge it’s insane. You’ll be chasing waterfalls for quite a while in this PNW state. You’re going to want to put this hiking area on your list right now!

Steven's Lakes Hike.jpg
Steven’s Peak in Idaho Photo by Josh Blakley


Lower and Upper Steven’s Lake’s: A moderate hike in Idaho’s panhandle, gaining about 1500 ft. of elevation. You’ll be surprised by, not just one, but two pristine lakes, an opportunity for huckleberries and a hike to the peak.

Bowman Lake in Glacier National Park
Bowman Lake, Glacier National Park Photo by Josh Blakley


Glacier National Park: You can literally do any hike here and you’ll be satisfied. Glacier National Park is home to about 1600 square miles of pure wild nature. Grizzly and black bear, moose, deer, giant mountains, lakes, everything you could ever want.

A couple of our favorites are:

With all of the hundreds of hikes in the PNW, these are just a few places of hiking glory in the Pacific Northwest. Let us know your favorites and thanks for reading!

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