5 Ways to Enjoy Nature More

We have all heard how wonderful nature is and what it can do for you but sometimes we as humans take it for granted. Sometimes it is not intentional but for some that may be true. I believe nature has a special connection to every single person whether you realize it or not. We all eat, drink, and breathe from this Earth, so I’d say that is a huge connection to it. But how can we connect with nature more? How can we get the most out of it without taking too much? Here are a few ways to help us enjoy nature more.

1. Respect

Nature provides much more than humans need on this planet to survive. We must only take what we need. The less we take, the more nature can provide. We also need to respect wild life. Humans have already destroyed many of their natural living habitats. 


2. Appreciate 

How often are we outside? The weekend camping trips, snowboarding on the perfect snowy day, or even a lovely evening stroll with the dog, we can take for granted. Have you ever heard of the phrase “Stop and smell the roses.”? Well it basically means, take a look around you and learn to appreciate what is in front of you.


3. Be Inspired

Nature has a way of inspiring people to do extraordinary things like rock climbing, surfing, and capturing perfect wild life moments through the lens of a camera. Be creative with that inspiration. It can be anything!

Camping in Avery, ID with Josh and Honey. This was Honey's first camping trip.

4. Reduce Waste

Have you ever thought about how much waste one household builds up over the span of a year? Think about how many times a week you have to throw out the trash. That is A LOT OF TRASH!

Trash is everywhere and continues to build up daily. There are simple ways to reduce the amount of trash a household creates by simply changing your outlook on the products you buy. Buy glass bottles instead of plastic bottles or paper bags instead of plastic bags. Or better yet, reusable bags. By being aware of the products you buy, it could mean hundreds of pounds of trash a year that won’t be going into the landfills and ocean.


5.  Give back

Giving back to nature may sound a little difficult. How do we do that? There are a few ways you can give back.

1. Start a garden. If your home allows for a garden, go for it! You’re adding GREEN back to nature while keeping some “GREEN” in your pocket. Win win!

2. Compost food waste. Instead of throwing it in the trash, create a composting bin to give back nutrients to the earth. Or save it for livestock.

3. Clean up the streets and trails. Technically we are taking here, but we are taking what should have never been given. Nature never intended on having an over abundance of straws in the sea to harm wild life but here we are today. If every single person helped clean up our streets, hiking trails, and conservation lands, we would be at a completely different level than we are in now.

I am apart of the Coeur d' Alene Tribe and I love getting out with my community on Water Potato Day. Every fall, we get together to dig up these water potatoes just like our ancestors did! My friend Lorraina is also apart of the tribe.


Getting the most out of nature means we have to do a little more to protect it. Protect wild life, protect species that are going extinct, and protect our water by being aware. Doing all these things every single day will help you appreciate nature more. You’ll get to experience how beautiful nature and what role you play on this planet.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have gained value from this nature inspired post!

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