Gear Review: Men’s REI Magma Sleeping Bag


If you’re looking for a sleeping bag that kind of gives you all the goods, then the REI Magma is definitely your bag. I took this sleeping bag on the Pacific Crest Trail and slept in it for a month and half for about 650 miles. I was definitely satisfied, warm and comfortable every single night under the stars. Sometimes clouds, rain, fog, mist, snow and in the middle of wind storms. I mostly cowboy camped in it so that’s gotta tell you how great this thing is.

Cowboy Camp: Sleeping without a shelter

Section hiking the pct

Price Tag

Coming in at $349.00 for a regular size, this sleeping bag seems decently pricey. But what good sleeping bag doesn’t? This bag isn’t just good, it’s fantastic! Try to find another sleeping as good as this for 350 dollars backed by an insane return policy and features that could sometimes cost you double. You probably won’t. Plus, I’ll talk about some of the fine features I really liked about this bag to justify this, actually, really good price.


Light as a Feather

The REI Magma is the feather weight champ at 1 lb. 14 oz. That’s ridiculously light for being a 10 degree bag. This made for some easy backpacking, which was important for me, being that I would hike up to 30 miles in one day.

Stuffed Like a glampers suitcase

One of the many features I especially enjoyed was how small I could pack this baby down to. It made room for more food in my backpack. It packs down to about 7 liters. I put the Magma in my 10 liter Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Compression Dry Sack for added protection against the elements.


Tough but comforting, just like grandma.

If grandma was defined by her fabric denier, she’d be 15-Denier Pertex Quantum ripstop nylon, just like the REI Magma. I actually snagged the fabric one time, so maybe a 20 denier would be better—although I did sleep in it A LOT. Lots of zipping and unzipping going on there. We all know grandma can be comforting with her delicious cookies too. Though the Magma won’t exactly give you cookies, it will give you 850 fill down power that’s treated with DWR, equipped with a neck collar, a nice sized foot box and a comfortable wide shoulder girth. I roll around quite a bit so the wide shoulders were perfect for me and my roly-poly nights.


The REI Magma kept me warm as crap being that it’s a 10 degree bag. It was a little overkill on some nights on the PCT but other nights I needed it and it was fantastic. On warmer nights I simply unzipped it and basically used it as a quilt.


Would I recommend it?

I would absolutely recommend this bag to anyone. It served me well while on the PCT which was a great test for any product to be used every day. I would say this sleeping bag did the job and more. I did tons of research before choosing this bag-lot’s of comparing and filtering out different categories, this one just popped up no matter what the filter i chose, so I had to choose it. Of course that was to fit my own needs.

I hope this will help you find your next sleeping bag! I want to hear what kind of sleeping bag you currently have and how you like it! Comment below to let me know!

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