Big Island: Cliff Jumping and Green Sand

Well I am going to have to reference the power of social media again for this trip. Facebook has worked wonders for us finding awesome things to do here on the Big Island of Hawaii. My friend Dave Adlard, who took me and the crew up Mt. Adams, recommended we try our hand at some cliff jumping. When he told me about jumping off South Point, I was in. Taylor and my mom, not so much. I wasn’t going to let that stop me though. I don’t get many chances at jumping off the most southern tip of the United States very often—pretty much never actually.

We pulled up in our cool white Jeep and scoped it out—more like I scoped it out. My mom just kept saying “JOSH, you’re not jumping off that. It’s too dangerous!” She said that in many different ways, many different times. Taylor wasn’t so thrilled either but that’s alright. She supported me in the form of taking photos for me. I had a few cliff jumps under my belt from jumping off Tubbs Hill back in Coeur d’ Alene, ID so we good. I chatted with some of the locals before hitting the jump up for a few pointers before going.

After being wet so often on this trip already from Hilo pouring down rain on us, I just stripped down to my undies, walked up to the cliff and remembered some great advice from parkour. Just count to three and go. If you count past three, regather yourself. As Spongebob might say from the FUN song:

F is for friends who do stuff together

U is for you and me

N is for anywhere and anytime at all down here in the deep blue sea!

So, that’s exactly where I wanted to go. In the deep blue sea. Well it wasn’t that deep probably but is was blue and it was fun! I counted: 3, 2, 1 FRICK IT! And leaped into the ocean. I remember floating for a bit and was really awesome! 10/10 would do it again.

Cliff jumping off south point in Hawaii

Jumping off south point in Hawaii

After jumping off South Point, we cruised on over to the parking lot to get to Papakolea Beach which is an awesome green sand beach. My mom was a bit nervous to drive to the green sand beach in our 4×4 Jeep that other people were driving there, so we paid a local to take us. Let me just say those roads were actually pretty gnarly. We could have made it though, in our bad ass Jeep that other people were taking back there. Sense any animosity there? I just wanted to go off-roading, because, well..WE HAVE A BADASS JEEP GUYS! Shoot. It was still pretty cool riding in the back of this dudes old truck to get there. It felt more adventurous I feel like, paying a local to take us to a “secret spot”. We all enjoyed the bumpy ride. In some spots I’m pretty sure the tires were fully immersed in mud. Not sure how we made it but what ever. I am happy we did.

Anyways here are some photos of the cool beach! Thanks for reading up on our Hawaii trip!

Green Sand Beach on the Big IslandGreen Sand Beach on the Big Island of Hawaiigreen sand beach big island higreen sand beach big island hi Papakolea Beach

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