Pacific Crest Trail-Section E: Pizza, Nachos and the Aquaduct

May 23, 2017 – Hiker Heaven to Casa de Luna

If you have you been following, you could imagine I woke up at 3:30 a.m. and was out of Hiker Heaven by 4 a.m. As I was walking out I was surprised to see Felix, the guy that looks like Milo and Where’s Waldo.

I met him back in Lake Morena (mile 20) and finally caught back up to him. We hiked out together for a bit then split up. I took a siesta at some dope memorial bench where I met Blueberry and Montana. I ate my pizza, drank some water and just did nothing for a while. So great!

Ahhh…Pizza at last!

I hate just sitting in one place which could be a disadvantage because it was about 1:30 or 2 p.m. when I left bench spot. The dead of the heat.

Accomplishment: I did 18.5 miles before 12 p.m. Pretty stoked about that for some reason.

I don’t why I always do this to myself. I’m just so impatient. I always just want to get to my end of the day destination which in this case is Casa de Luna. Another trail angel’s house, kind of like Hiker Heaven except a little more rugged. Great place though, I must say!

I was experiencing what I think is plantar fasciitis pretty early on in the hike which was not pleasant by any means. I’m not positive what it was but I know it hurt a lot. I’m just experiencing every injury possible out here, it’s pretty lame. Before bouncing from the bench I popped a naproxen, hi-chew, and put some vitamin powder in my last bit of water for the remaining 6 miles. I struggled but I was determined to get off that hill and out of the heat.

I was so happy to see trail angel, Little Steps, she had pulled over at the fire station right off the trail and shouted over to me,

“Do you need a ride?” I replied, “I would love a ride!”

She had the A.C. going and it was phenomenal. She even brought me to the store where I grabbed an Arizona, strawberry Haagan Dazs, and a 32 oz vitamin water. Those were all gone within the hour. I got to wash my clothes in a bucket, grab a campsite, just chill enjoy the company and silence of doing nothing. It was grand. I’m probably taking a zero here even though I don’t want to. I want to get to Tehachapi and take a zero or two. We’ll see what happens.

Oh! I caught up to the Kentucky kids; Jared, Malerie, Jill and Riley. That was exciting!

May 24, 2017 – Casa de Luna to Mile 488

I had a good night’s sleep in the forest where many hikers reside for a day or more. It was like an enchanted manzanita tree forest. Filled with rocks that hikers paint, tents, and hammocks every ten feet it seemed.

painted rocks-casa de luna.jpg

Many find it quite therapeutic to paint the rocks. I took my sweet time waking up, knowing that I am taking a nero day. I babied my legs and feet with a number of stretches, rubs, and rolls to get this heel pain to hopefully stop.


After that I ate some good homemade gluten free oatmeal that Taylor and I made specially for the Pacific Crest Trail.

Tip: Use the fuel in hiker boxes to conserve your own fuel when it’s available.

After that I caught up with all the Mtn Talk and then just chilled for a while. I got to sign the famous Casa de Luna sign, I had to get the blog on there since I don’t have a trail name yet. Might as well advertise, right?

casa de luna 2017
Comment if you can find where I put the Mtn Talk logo
Cameron and some GSD we met.

Yaddi, Johnny, Hot Bowl, Cameron and I all went to the cafe and enjoyed a much needed lunch. Then hit the c-store across the street to get Funyons, Gatorade and a Buff Cookie Birthday Cake flavor. Such a weird mix there. Buff and birthday cookie? Alright.

I got ready to roll out at 4:30 to get a little 10 miles in the cool evening weather. I carried out five liters of water, this is the most I’ve ever carried and didn’t even need too. There was a water source that I wasn’t sure if it was running or not so, do whatcha gotta do, right? I made it to my ten miles and found a spot that’s really grassy where I decided to cowboy camp again. I hope mice don’t eat my stuff because it seems like a place for mice.

Trail Angel Casa De Luna
Hot Bowl from Germany holding his version of Wilson

May 25, 2017 – Mile 488 to Hiker Town

Woohoo! My first 30 mile day. It definitely felt like a 30 mile day too. I’ve had a few 28’s but no 30’s, so this was exciting.

It started out at four in the morning, waking up to fog, mist and lots of wind. I sat up in my sleeping bag, turned my head lamp on and felt my sleeping bag; moist as shit. I was like what is happening?! Because I didn’t feel rain. Then I looked up and around and I couldn’t see anything 10 feet in the distance. I quickly packed up and bounced out. I made sure to take each step carefully so I wouldn’t sprain my ankle or something.

Views on the PCTMile 500 on the PCT

five hundred miles-pct
500 miles and very tired PCT hiker

Gotta watch out for that poodle dog bush too. It’s like poison oak on steroids, at least that’s what I’ve heard. The fog finally went away 4 or 5 hours into my hike and it was beautiful! I was above the clouds, what a view! Everything was golden as the sun tried burning it’s way through all of the fog.

Now I could finally step it up a notch and get to Hiker Town. See what I did there, ‘Step’ it up a notch..cause I am hiking and stepping. I stopped a few times but not much. Only for a snack and a drink. I never had to stop for water because it was a cool day so I didn’t sweat nearly as much. It was quite nice. In the last few miles I finally heard my first Rattle Snake. It sounded like a sprinkler trying to turn on full blast mode. Luckily I didn’t see it or have to deal with it.

Hiker Town was not what I was expecting, it’s like an old western town kind of themed. Here are some photos to show you:

hiker-town-pctpacific crest trail hiker town

Hiker-Town-Pacific Crest Trail

I arrived and met up with the Kentucky Kids. We all hopped in a little van that was shuttling hikers to the store/ cafe. I got the Mexican Nachos, some Fries, Rice Krispie Treat, Arizona, and a Mint Chocolate Kind Bar. All very tasty and refreshing. It was about 8 p.m. by the time I got back to Hiker Town. I set up camp, called babe and crawled into my sleeping bag. Oh not before giving Bob, the care taker, his cigars aka my camping payment. That was my payment to him because I didn’t have any cash.

It’s just like prison, kind of. Cigs, dope, and alcohol work as a currency for camping. When you’re short on cash that is. I have never been to prison I actually don’t even know what I am talking about.

That was my first time buying cigars, I wasn’t proud of it but I needed camp. Do what you gotta do out here on the trail. Okay, I didn’t need to camp. I could have hiked a little further but it was already late for me and three more mile did not seem appealing.

May 26th, 2017 – Hiker Town to Mile 545.1

Hiker Town, it’s time for me to leave. The morning has once again provided a cowboy camper with a moist sleeping bag. I dried it off with my little pack towel. Finally, that thing comes in handy. I headed out right on the heels of my man, Bug Juice from Denver, CO. I hiked along the Los Angeles Aqueduct for almost the entire morning. I have been going quite fast the last couple of days because I knew the weather was supposed to be a little more cool than usual along the Los Angeles Aquaduct. This section is a very hot section normally; wide open desert, hardly any shade. This worked out in my favor, thankfully.


Once that section was done the wind farm came. It felt more like an air conditioner than a hair dryer through these two brutal sections. Could not have timed it more perfect. Tomorrow is supposed to go back up in temperature.

By the way, I got really bored this morning so I made a little rap about my Mexican Nachos from last night. Let’s see if I can remember it.

Yo yo, I’d like the Mexican nah-chos, with the corn chips. 
cause I’m gluten free, make me smack my lips.
I’m talking refried beans and melted cheese.
Would you mind adding chicken please? 
Soggy chips by the time I’m done but I destroyed em’ like laser gun.

Basically that was it. I’m pretty much not a pro. Nothing too spectacular happened today from the norm. Hiked a bit, ate a bit, refilled water, hiked more. Almost hit another 30, it was a 27.6 mile day. Headed into Tehachapi for a zero and nero tomorrow.

May 27th, 2017 – Mile 545.1 to Tehachapi (Tuh-hatch-uh-pee)

Just in case you’re wondering how in the hell to pronounce this oddly named town. I used to pronounce it: tay-huh-chappi

What a good night, I woke up a few times with anticipation and anxiousness to get into Tehachapi where I am taking a zero. I cannot wait! As I woke up the milky way decided to make an appearance. I go from a 5 billion star hotel to a best western in about 13.5 more miles. I definitely got nervous my sleeping bag would be moist again at 4:30 a.m.

I woke up to leave to a dry sleeping bag. YES! It was hard to wake up for a couple reasons.

  1. I was tired as hell.
  2. I had a 1,700 foot climb coming instantly

4,630 feet to 6,300 feet over about four miles. It wasn’t terrible but definitely not desirable first thing in the morning.

I didn’t know, and was pleasantly surprised, there was an oasis on top of the mountain. Shoot. So much win. Fruit, water, hardboiled egg, a dope register book that was not falling apart and barrel juice drinks. Frick, this place everything! Trail magic at It’s best. I spent a few moments there, just chillin’ in the chair, so nice!




It was time to head out, got to keep my eye on the prize: Tehachapi. Although, it’s good to take everything in. In the words of trail angel ‘Legend’

It is a race. Last one to finish wins.

And so I passed all the joshua trees, shrubs, and wind turbines and made it to Willow Springs Road where some more trail magic happened, not once, but twice! Holy god, this is so crazy. Tons of fruit, trash bag, dope Jeep, baby powder, carmex, soda, water, baby wipes, grilled sausage, beer, you name it, they had it. I enjoyed chatting with them for a while and then some more trail angel show up. A man named Kevn (Key-vin) and his mom who were just coming from his dad’s grave doing a memorial service. They stopped by to see if anyone needed a ride. *raises eyebrows and looks over* Yes, this guy right here would love a ride! I didn’t even have to hitch hike. They dropped me off at the Best Western and then I walked to Star Bucks and Albertsons. Yeah, I do zeros big man. I feel like a zero day should be the best! I bought some food for the next section which includes not much nutrition: Chips, bars, chips, chips, chips, jerky. Five days of good tasting empty crappy calories. That’s alright, I’ll be pigging out here. Bulking up, kind of, not really at all actually.

After checking out I was thinking, “man, I hope I can catch a ride from someone.” I didn’t feel like walking the two miles back to Best Western from Albertsons with two full bags of groceries. One doesn’t just walk more on a zero day. I was so glad to get a ride from Emma who lived around the corner from Best Western and didn’t mind giving me a ride. That was super dope. Didn’t have to hitch again. Man, am I lucky or am I lucky?

That pretty much concludes Section E of the Pacific Crest Trail. Thank you all for reading! Make sure and snag up a shirt to help support our blog! We’d really appreciate it. They’re really soft.

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