Pacific Crest Trail-Section C: Fake Poodle-dog Bush and Failed Hair Flipping

Continuing from Section B, here is Section C of Josh’s journey along the Pacific Crest Trail. Terrible sexy hair flipping, bathing in rivers and watching out for fake poodle dog bush for about 20 miles. This was a fun little section!

White Water Reserve to Mile 235.5

Considering I did a long ass day yesterday, I am happy to take my sweet time this morning. I woke up and joined the legend himself, Legend. Legend had some morning joe hot and ready for all the hikers staying at the camp site. This was the first cup of coffee I have had since starting the trail and man was it good! I had a couple of cups. Legend was also so generous to cook everyone pancakes. I enjoyed my oatmeal though due to that gluten-free life. My oatmeal was gourmet though. I don’t mess around.

The most serene spot out here.

I was one of the first ones out of the camp site right behind Phillip. I stopped literally like 2 miles in and hung out by this awesome river spot for like a solid 2 hours. I stretched of course, soaked my feet, and washed my clothes; meaning get them wet and let them dry. Super effective. Shortly after, my new friends: Twerk, Karma and Nirvana showed up for some more river fun. Corey aka Twerk had a fantastic idea to do some hair flipping to the song “let’s get it on”. Here is a link to our failure.

finally, after a long refreshing time in the river I got back to hiking. Up ahead..a big hill. Yay. I gotta say the view at the top was pretty incredible of Mount San Jacinto. To think, I cam from that. Crazy. I hiked back down though pretty quick back to another river for 15 miles until camp. That was fantastic because I didn’t have to carry as much water.

Mount San Jacinto in the background. Can’t believe I came from that.

My man Phillip thought he spotted Poodle-dog Bush so three of us were avoiding this plant for SO long and didn’t even have to. This plant did look like it could have been though, but nope. It was an imposter. I touched it once and I was all worried for no reason. I ended up hiking further than I thought I was going to, which is also turning into a normal phenomenon. Camp was at the end of the river, right before a fire closure and big climb, where apparently there is no camping allowed.

Mile 235.5 to mile Big Bear City

This section I didn’t really write much because I was just focused on hiking a lot I guess. I can tell you that I remember awesome cowboy camping, a cool cabin where I chilled at with Rick AKA Kitty Paws and a wild game farm where they train Grizzly Bears, Tigers, and Lions. The PCT goes right by this game farm, it was crazy. I can only imagine the amount of hikers plotting a plan to break all the animals out of their tiny little cages.

Awesome little trail angel spot right before Big Bear.

I got to hitch hike pretty easy into Big Bear Lake. This guy was just about to leave as I was arriving but I casually ran across the highway and was like,

“Hey man, do you know how I can get to Big Bear?” So clever of me.

It worked.

So, I joined a man from Japan who spoke zero english and the driver to Big Bear Lake in a tiny white truck. He dropped us off at the post office. This guy though, let me tell you, a weirdy. I kept telling him that I needed to go to the Big Bear City post office and he kept saying, “yeah sounds like you don’t really know where you wanna go” This happened the entire 15-20 minute drive. Bruh. Let me out here.The PO was closed so I hung with Mowgli, we checked out each other’s re-supply boxes for fun.

My breakfast at Best Western in Big Bear Lake. Well, part of it.

I took a nero day in Big Bear Lake at the Best Western. The nicest freaking Best Western I have ever seen. If you are hiking and want to stay there, they give you a little welcome snack pack with goodies in it. Also, their hot tub is rad. I almost fainted in it, that was crazy. I went to get out and saw just white and walked like a drunk man. I definitely layed down for a minute. I was in my underwear just chilling with my towel. trying not to die for a minute.

Big Bear City to Mile 286

Time to leave Big Bear Lake. I started off wanting to go 12 miles with a late start of about 10 a.m. I had trouble hitch hiking out-of-town. Two guys ended up picking me up. The first guy, quite nice, pretty “normal”. The second guy, interesting. He reminded of a character that would be in a movie with like, Seth Rogan or McLovin, in the movie Pineapple Express. He had the sketchy old two-tone tan van and stories out the wahzoo. He gave me: CD, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, tried giving me cash but didn’t have any, tried giving me weed but I don’t smoke, such a nice fella, just giving everything out.

a couple of hours in I was greeted by Kashab and Abhad a couple of nature valley trail angels. They were giving out some super food green drinks they made back at their store. I think they were just there recruiting people to their community. It was kind of a weird situation but the drink was fantastic. I talked to them for like an hour, or more so listened. It was like having Jehovah’s Witness knocking at your door and you don’t want to be rude so you just listen.

Kashab from the Yerba store. I tried getting another photo but the guy filmed instead. Noob.

By the end of the day I kept thinking, man I can definitely hike 20 miles easy because surprisingly it was fairly flat so I was just on cruise control. I camped by a little creek where I met back up with Rick aka Kitty Paws. Always nice company from him.

I tried a new meal tonight: Mashed Potatoes and Salami. Not bad at all. Rick and I had our own little dirt island camp sites. Pretty nice day and clear night with the milky way in full presence.

Mile 286 to Mile 314

Holy balls what a long day.

I woke up to the moon light about five times. Quite a restless night. I also met a real nice free spirit, Valley Girl. He, yes, he was on his triple journey towards getting his triple crown. We chatted for about 5 miles or so about cooking in the backcountry, gear, ourselves, things of that nature. He’s a nice dude and knows someone in Coeur d’ Alene where I live oddly enough. Some realtor that I cannot remember. If you’re from Coeur d’ Alene and reading this and know a guy that hikes a ton, trail named Valley let me know! That would be crazy.

Going to be chilling under this bridge in a moment.
Now you can finally put a face to Kitty Paws AKA Rick AKA Grams

I made it to Splinters Cabin which actually wasn’t much of a cabin but more of a place for water. I hung out there for a while in the cold stream with all the other hikers. It was such a great spot for chilling and eating. There are some hot springs but I opted out of the cat hole of a spot. Just basically a hiker trash chemistry project is what it looked like. Or at least the surrounding area. I hiked for a while longer which probably wasn’t one of my better decisions. I thought there would be camping but there was non for like 4 miles, legally anyways.

Cat Hole: A hole to bury your shit.

I was hiking so dang fast racing the shadow up the hill as the sun was going down. I finally caught up to Scrub who you might know from Yogi’s handbook. He was at the end of his section hike trying to catch a uber or some sort of ride, at like eight at night in a weird area. I camped about a mile down the trail from him, as I lay here in a windy open sketchy area, cowboy camping. I feel like I’m gonna be picked up by a truck full of Mexicans and they take all my shit. It just has that feel to it but it was dark and I didn’t want to hike into a burn area, fearful of the poodle-dog bush.

I later found a bullet shell next to me. Not to shabby.


Mile 314 to Mile 335

Magical Misty Monday.

What a chilly windy morning, I actually slept pretty decent though and didn’t want to get up out of my REI Magma sleeping bag. I was greeted by a colorful morning sky and clouds. A rainbow even made an appearance, it made me want my Skittles, rightfully. I started feeling rain drops, mostly mist, so I threw my headlamp on and spotlighted all my gear to throw in my pack as quick as I could. It ended up not raining but you can never be too careful when you’re cowboy camping. Definitely don’t want to get that expensive down sleeping bag wet.

The picnic area is almost directly behind me.

About 10 miles in I got to experience some lovely trail magic; hardboiled egg, fake jelly beans and water. So Good! Two miles later a beautiful lake and beach were in my favor. I found a nice little recreation area with pit toilets and picnic tables surrounded by a lake and ants. It was time for lunch; Marry’s Gone Crackers, salami without nitrates, and good ol’ trail mix I made at home. I soaked my feet and washed my socks while I hung out too. It felt so nice! I couldn’t stay all day though, I got shit to do.


Four miles later, as the voice over in Spongebob might say, I found yet another nice chill area. This day couldn’t be any better. This one had outlets and faucets but no bathrooms this time. I hung out here with Karma and Nirvana who you might recognize from the “Let’s get it on, hair flip” video I shared on Facebook, compliments of Twerk aka Tommy Corey. I got in 12 miles before 11 a.m. I felt like I was trekking pretty good. I was tempted to hike sixteen more to Cajon Pass. But I found a nice camp site 6 miles out at about 4:30 p.m. Nice, open and windy just like always; home sweet home. What can I can I say, my feet pick good spots. I say that cause when they’re tired I stop. Well sometimes. Pretty much not actually. Subway in Cajon pass is on the agenda tomorrow.

Mile 335 to Mile 357 (Passed Cajon Pass)

Today’s morning was a frosty moist morning. I hope you guys don’t mind the word moist. I struggled to get out of my nice warm sleeping bag again. I noticed that my rain fly had leveled up into a frost fly. I put my base layer on, my gloves, rain shell and beanie to fight the cold air settling in the elevated valley. I began to roll my bag up, shake the frost off my fly. My rain fly guys..not My fingers froze and I hurried to pack everything. I am always in such a rush to beat the heat. Also, this time I got places to be, like the chevron six and a half miles down the way.

I am not actually mad, I am just tired and the sun was bright.

I hiked along some crazy sandy ridges fighting the wind with every step. I dropped into the valley and saw the hikers paradise, Cajon Pass. All the hikers would stop at Cajon Pass. It’s like a pit stop including a McDonald’s, Subway and a couple other gas stations. Just your standard freeway travel stop basically. Most hikers went to McDonald’s but I wasn’t about to break my seven or so year streak of not supporting the Hambuglar.

There it is. My exit to food and bathrooms: Cajon Pass.

That subway didn’t have gluten-free. Damn it.

I opted for the Chevron and was greeted by some random guy who asked me, “how far can you hike back there?” I said well I started by Mexico. His face was just like, “What?” I took this grand opportunity to tell him what I was doing and what the Pacific Crest Trail is “back there”. He then proceeded to tell me a short life story and showed me some photos of his road trip. We just conversed for a while. Finally, he wanted to shake my hand.

I said, “nah dude you don’t want to shake my hand, it’s a little on the dirty hiker trash side of things currently. I’ll fist bump you though.

We parted, so I thought. I called my babe and he ran over to me and gave me a hand sanitizer. What a boss. Any who, I got to talk to my babe, Taylor, on our seven-year anniversary. We talked for a while and it was really nice.

Finally, time to buy the goods. I got a Naked, not got naked but drank a Naked. Two bags of king size Skittles, a stadium hotdog, and a big bag of cheddar Ruffles. I was going to eat outside but I decided to join everyone in the McDonalds, much warmer in temperature and in hiking family. I ate about 2000 calories with all my PCT friends. I would need every single one for what is about to come. Hills. What a surprise. Not just hills but hills for 3000 feet of elevation over about 15 miles. It doesn’t seem like much but when you hike 22 miles in a day it’s tough as shit. It was really hike up a high hill for no reason then back down then back up forever. This is perfect training for he Sierras and all the hills to come, so it’s all good. I ended up at a camp site on top of Gobblers Knobb.

Just chillin on the Gobbs Knobb yo…What.

2000 feet of elevation gain and loss and 12 miles to Wrightwood. Good night y’all, until the next section.

I just want to say thank you to those reading these and baring with me. Once again I took you into the next section a little bit. Section C ends at Cajon Pass.

I appreciate you all! Just remember, it ain’t easy being cheesy. You don’t have to remember that.




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