Taylors Top 5, Bucket List

Bowman Lake Josh
Bowman Lake, Glacier National Park, Photo by Josh Blakley

I’ve never really made a bucket list before; I’ve always just had places in the back of my mind that I’ve been wanting to go to. Josh will usually find a super sweet place that we both really want to go to. He is pretty good at finding all the coolest places so I never really searched because he’s just the best at it! The photo above is one of my favorite places to be; Glacier National Park. Josh and I have been adventuring here every year for the last 7 years. I believe it’s time to venture out on new terrain. So I came up with a few new places I would love to explore one day. Well anyways, here is my Top 5 must see places I want to adventure in!

The Enchantment Park

Ever since I have heard of this place, I’ve been wanting to go. I mean it just sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? It seems as if I go there, I’d walk into some sort of fairy tale setting where I can talk to animals and be surrounded by the beautiful sounds of the forest. Luckily, I live only 4 1/2 hours away from it. The Enchantment Park is located in Central Washington near Leavenworth. This place has alpine lakes, breathtaking views of larch trees and granite smoothed out by glaciers way back when.

Redwood National Forest

The Redwoods is a magnificent place. Although, I have been to the Redwoods before, I’ve camped for only one night here on a road trip a few years back. One night is seriously not enough time to enjoy these insanely large trees, also known for being the tallest trees on Earth. Looking up, I found myself lost in the World. I mean, these trees have been around for many many years and I have only been here for such a short amount of time on Earth. Places like the Redwoods make me think about the people, animals and plants that have been here for thousands of years ago. Coast Redwood and Douglas-fir trees really make this place a must see for me.

Olympic National Park

I basically want to explore all of Washington. This state has so many National Parks and Forests that I must visit. The Olympic National Park has a few distinct ecosystems that I enjoy in National Parks. Alpine Lakes and Mountains, coastline views, and old-growth rain forests. How can this place get any better? I love the combination of ecosystems here and thats what makes this place on my top 5 must see places.

Rocky Mountain National Park

This National Park is located West of Denver, Colorado and has incredible views of mountains and alpine lakes. I bet you can see a pattern here, I LOVE alpine lakes. I must see them all! I love being on high mountain tops that have lakes, rivers, and wildlife. The Alpine views are what makes this place wanderlust. I imagine that I could become whatever I want to once I hike such beautiful terrain.

Grand Teton National Park

Another thing I love about visiting National Parks is the wild life. I feel that animals really make a place exciting. Bears, deer, elk, and other little critters make these places interesting and an opportunity to learn more about the area. Grand Teton is just East of Southern Idaho near Idaho Falls in Wyoming. It also has the Rocky Mountain views that I would love to see. I rememberer growing up and learning all about the Rocky Mountains and have always wanted to go. I just can’t believe I have never been yet! I cannot wait until the day I hike through this mountain range!

Thank you for checking out our blogs! Are there any cool places you’ve been wanting to go? Let me know in the comments below! I may want to explore them too! 

Stay tuned next week for an update about Josh’s journey on the Pacific Crest Trail. Here is last weeks PCT Blog Post. Subscribe and follow Josh’s Journey through the Pacific Crest Trail.


2 thoughts on “Taylors Top 5, Bucket List

  1. Goldbug Hot Springs! You must go! It’s only a 6 hour drive from Cda, ID, and about a mile and half hike in. Go spring or fall. You won’t be disappointed.


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