Why I Quit My Job to Do the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)


Many people question me on doing the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail. They are caring for my safety and of course, what I am going to do about money. Many other people don’t even know what the PCT is, which is understandable. Live and learn. That means I get to take that opportunity to inform people what it is and—if they ask— why I am doing it.

After I tell most people what I am doing, they give me a bewildered look and ask questions like: “You’re walking all of it? “, “Are there hotels and stuff?”, How are you gonna eat” “Aren’t you afraid of bears and serial killers out there?”

Those are factors of course and I do worry about it a little bit. I have done research and attacks are fairly rare on the PCT.

Also, I am bringing trekking poles so basically no body can mess with me.

So why did I quit?

The reason I quit my job is because I essentially had to. My employer wouldn’t let me come back after 3-4 months, which is understandable. It’s busy and my shoes can’t be left empty in a high paced graphic design position. It’s all good though, I got my almost two years experience in for my resume. I also met David there whom I started this blog with.

Did I have to quit though?

No. They could have scarred me with their answer of “yeah, we can’t really take you back after that long.” Staying at this typical 8-4 job, destroying my body in every way possible: eyes, back, feet, legs pretty much everything from sitting, slouching, bad posture, which is my fault really. The company provides breaks where I walk for like 10 minutes. They also provide a thing called Varidesk, it allows me to stand up and work so that was actually pretty nice.

Coming from working outside for 7 years and being a parkour coach/ practitioner, this isn’t exactly an ideal situation I guess. Great, but not ideal. It’s complicated.

It was actually my dream job kind of. Go to school, get a job in the field before graduating. What more could I want? This is exactly how it’s supposed to go. Buy a house and have kids right after that.

Nope, not for me. I have a second mom and her name is Mother Nature. Since day one of getting my “dream” job, I have watched videos of adventure, freedom, status quo, exploration and think to myself:

“Why am I sitting here, destroying my body for another person?”

Well I do enjoy the work, just not the sitting and screen part of it I suppose.

I look at the world, travelers, YouTubers producing thrilling content of their incredibly adventurous lives and think: That needs to be me. I don’t sit there and watch business men and women at cubicles and think “Wow, what an incredible job and life.” I don’t know anyone that would do that. How could you want that? I guess if you’re hungry for a lame life, worship money, don’t want to live a life full of experiences, I get it then.

Life is too short to live on two weeks a year of PTO (Paid Time Off). Frick that crap, man.

You get the point. I want to live and experience what this glorious world has formed itself into over its gravitational life span. And I want to do it with my lovely girlfriend, Taylor. Only I can make that happen.

Everything is choice.

I want you to watch this video and tell me you don’t feel like living or better yet tell what your thoughts are in the comments!

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