Big Island: We Biked Through a Storm!

Onto Hilo, where I have never been so wet in my life.

If you don’t already know, Hilo rains almost the whole year, in contrast, Kona hardly ever rains. We definitely expected to get rained on but not flooded on. I get my camera, tripod and all that ready to go for the 9 mile round trip bike ride to see the lava flow from the Kilauea volcano that flows out of the Puʻu ʻŌʻō vent.


Remember I said it rains in Hilo a lot? Well we arrive at the parking lot and rented some bikes from the local vendors. At this point, it’s fairly nice, not raining. About 5 mins into our ride, I felt a sprinkle. DAMMIT! Noooo.. By the way I don’t have any rain gear, I have “waterproof” hiking shoes on, shorts and a super thin white t-shirt. I take my t-shirt off so I would have a dry t-shirt after we finished. That backfired. My backpack got soaked through even with a rain cover on. Have you ever stuck our head out of your car window while it was raining? It hurts. Same for the bike ride, it was like little needles hitting me in the chest and face. Cold needles I might add. We arrive at the lava viewing area and it’s raining pretty dang good. Like, let’s be honest it was pouring down. I was soaked, thick water droplets dripping off my hair whispies that didn’t quite make it into my manly man bun.


The glowing hot orange lava was dope. Steamed evaporated into the air as it hit the ocean. tssss..(that’s a lava sound when it hits water) like if you were to splash water onto your oven while it’s super hot. We only checked it out for a short 5 minutes or so and headed back. Mainly because it was packed and pouring. The rain got colder and colder as the evening shifted to nightfall. I was surprised that many people endured the 4 mile bike/hike ride through the pouring rain.

Guess what? The rain just get’s harder and it get’s darker! Luckily our bikes came with two little lights that hardly worked. I enjoyed riding as fast as I could through the rain, making sure to hit every single puddle. I was already soaked, so might as well have some fun out there right? I left Taylor and my mom in the mist, what would have been the dust. I try taking some video and such to show everyone how nuts it was but it was pretty intense. Finally, I arrived back to the bike rental place, it’s pitch black, raining hard and lightning strikes in the distance. They ended up closing the road sometime while we were out there just after we started our journey on the black lava road. As I waited for Taylor and my mom, the nice lady at the rental tent let me spray off my bike and body with her handy water pump. I turned brown from all the mud splashing up my butt, back, face, legs, and pretty much everywhere!

Taylor finally shows and up, some time passes by and I am like where the heck did my mom go? It’s been a hot minute. Shoot it was a hot minute before Taylor showed up. Turns out my mom is a good citizen and helped another mom that fainted out there. Could you imagine fainting in the dark in a rain storm on a bike? Frick that man. That wouldn’t be very pleasant. Moms got moms backs though, am I right?

We returned the bikes and lights back to the rental tent and head back to our yurt in Keaau, Hawaii. We thought, oh yeah we’re definitely hanging our shit up to dry and we’ll be good by the morning. NOPE! Everything was still wet as shit like it didn’t even get a chance to recover. We even put our clothes in the dryer but that STILL didn’t dry our clothes. What?! The Yurt was fantastic though, I’d stay in one again. I’d live in a yurt but not in Hilo. Maybe some place that my clothes can dry through the night.

Even though it rained hard AF it was a sweet little bike ride. This wasn’t the only rain we endured buddy, let me tell you. Comment below if you’d like some more installments on Hawaii in the future! There is plenty more where this came from. Thanks for reading, everyone!


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