Big Island: Jeep adventures and Black Sand Beaches

Thanks for coming back for part two, if you missed part one, check it out here. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Today we’re headed down into the heart of Waipi’o valley in our sweet white 4×4 Jeep. To get to it, you have to take the only road in and out. My mom was driving down the super sketchy one lane road in the four low setting The road leads down to the home of many natives who live off of the land. We past many of the people along the road after crossing a little creek. We all threw up shaka’s at each other and went about our ways. There were horses grazing out along the road. One came up to our window and allowed Taylor to pet it and give it some love. Taylor enjoyed that like a little girl with a basket full of kittens. This was pretty much the end of the road as we saw another Jeep turning around. This guy looked like a human Professor Ludwig Von Drake. It was incredible.

Waipio Valley Horses.jpg

We thought the daylight was diminishing so we headed back up the road in four high, We figured out that there was a sweet black sand beach that we completely missed. We knew—I knew— we had no choice but to go back down again This was the moment my mom dreaded the most.

“You mean, we have to go back down again?

I said “well, we’re here, we pretty much have to I feel like.” as the sun began to set.

Ugh Josssshhh (in that motherly voice we all know too well), you’re gonna make you’re mom do that again? she replied, with great disgust I might add.

“Yep.” And off we went.


This is where we used the Jeep to it’s full potential. We came face to face with a gigantic puddle that, who even knows how deep that shit was. But I was like, bro we got a Jeep, we can do anything we want. My mom went slower than a snail through it the first pass. Oh yes, we do have to come back. After the giant puddle, we made it to the beautiful black sand beach. We parked, hopped out and went to explore it. I, of course, went to take photos, my mom sat back and enjoyed the sunset, and big waves that smashed into the finely grained lava rock. Taylor was doing both, like a boss.


There was a really nice local fisherman catching some fish obviously. He looked at me, I looked at him, we both knew a photo session was in store. He proceeded to step deeper into the incoming tide for a more epic photo. It was worth it for him and I. Probably not him, but definitely me. After the photo sesh, my mom, Taylor and I bounced to take on that puddle. I actually thought out loud, “mom, I think I am going to get out so I can get some photos of you going through this epic puddle. I got out, and then my mom just floors it out of no where! I was like “yooo, what are you doing? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you gotta go back now.”


She reversed like no body has ever reversed before, it was like after getting to know the puddle the first time she had a new fire in her soul for that puddle the second time around. So, as I was saying, she hits a giant pot hole in the water, then almost hits a tree.

Almost hitting that tree.
best puddle ever.
My favorite shot.

Finally we were both into position and we got some awesome photos.  the hill we went, back into Kona for the night to get some rest for the next day.

Make sure and come back for part 3. Yes part 3, we were there for a week what do you expect? We still gotta cover bike rides through rain, waterfalls, flash floods, cliff jumps and a world-famous bakery that you can already smell.

Thanks for reading!


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