The Art of Going with the Flow

Written by Josh Blakley

Planning isn’t something I have become acquainted with too well. This way of adventuring has led me to some unbelievable trips and memories to fill my unwritten book of life. Wouldn’t you want to be that person later in life—or even now—who has the most awesome sketchy stories? I know I do. That isn’t 100% of my motivation to travel and experience the outdoors but hey it’s one and it gets me out there, so count it.

Check out 5 Awesome ways to find your next adventure!

1. Planning is for planners

I don’t plan much, honestly because I am lazy and don’t really feel like it most of the time. I know things will fall into place as I go. I do like to look up places though, points of interest, things like that to know generally what’s in the area. Planning for specific times of the day and being organized however is not the thing for me. Doing that makes it seem super stressful and in the end your plans are probably going to get messed up, especially if you’re traveling to a new place.

There is a certain sense of freedom and excitement without plans. Really living on the edge. Most of the time I don’t spontaneously do things on purpose, it just happens and I am totally fine with it being that way.

“Rule #1 of Traveling-Don’t even think of answering questions that contain the word “plan”?” —Sanhita Baruah

2. Ask the Locals

Finding places that I have never seen photos of or even knew existed just by asking people, like the locals. Imagine seeing Half Dome for the first time ever! Imagine the feeling you would experience seeing that big slab of granite in front of you. I bet you’d be in more awe, have more smiles and treasure it more than if you knew what you’d expect after seeing photos, snap chats, and Instagram posts prior to seeing it.

Making stories out of not knowing what you’re doing seems like a great idea to me. When my brothers river rafting bachelor party was happening, the only thing we had planned was river rafting. We looked up a camp ground as we rolled in. We had a great location where we saw Mt. Hood light up in the evening light and it was by a cool little river. We even found a sweet abandoned electrical building of some sort by talking with our river guide.

We probably wouldn’t have found an awesome abandoned building, say we had these things called “plans”.

My most recent unplanned adventure was to Leavenworth, WA. Taylor and I booked a nice hotel that we booked on Groupon for Valentines day, we never do that. It was a nice treat. That’s about the only thing we had planned though. We asked locals what the best food was, where some cool snowshoeing was and things like that. We ended up finding some cool stuff that way.

On the way back home we decided that we would not even use GPS ( I know, we’re hardcore). This led us to almost getting lost but ultimately led us to the Grand Coulee Dam, which was huge and we’d never seen it, even though it’s fairly close to us.

I always say don’t force things. Breath, and just let it happen as it happens.

There are obviously benefits to planning and going with the flow too. Which one do you like doing more? Let us know in the comment section below!


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