Espresso Yourself Giveaway


Mtn Talk would like to announce our highly caffeinated giveaway that we believe you’ll enjoy every sip, shirt and sticker! If you like early mornings or don’t like early mornings, we got you covered! We have joined forces with CDA Idaho Clothing Company, Hikers Brew Coffee, and Fab Station Home & Decor to bring you a little taste of our love for coffee and the outdoors. For all you coffee enthusiasts out there, we have put together a bundle of aroma goodness worth about $75! We are proud to be working with these great company’s as we grow. We love to see small business’s reach their goals and their highest of satisfactory. Thank you for being apart of Mtn Talk! We would like to introduce you to these company’s below.


CDA Idaho Clothing Company is a local business that we share the beautiful City of Coeur d’ Alene with. They are a couple who have started a T-shirt and Sticker company highlighting the beauty of Idaho and the Pacific Northwest. What you’ll win from CDA Clothing Company is a uniquely designed “IdaLatte” T-Shirt and an array of stickers of Idaho and Washington.


Who doesn’t love a great cup of joe in the early morning while camping in the backcountry? Hikers Brew Coffee have sourced and created a brand that will leave you feeling great about the choices you make for our environment, plus you get to sip on your favorite gourmet coffee in the woods! The compostable packaging that the coffee is packed in, utilizes all the space to reduce waste! How cool is that? What you’ll win from Hikers Brew is their greatest sample pack of four different blends of coffee they have to offer.


Lastly, Fab Station Home and Decor has been so kind in joining us to bring you our Limited Edition Mtn Talk Camping Mug. These enamel camping mugs have been personalized by the wonderful work of laser engraving into the mug to create a lifelong gift. Fab Station Home and Decor is a small business in Fulton, Missouri that specializes in creating personalized gifts where you can actually join a crafting party to do the work yourself. How fun!

Once again, we want to thank all the parties participating in our Espresso Yourself Giveaway. It would not have come to life without all of your support. To our followers, we appreciate you! Thank you for giving our Facebook and Instagram page love. You are what keeps us going! Well, and the outdoors, that keeps us going too…oh and coffee.

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