Enter the Holiday Gift Giveaway!


We’re so excited to announce our very first MTN Talk Giveaway! We’ve joined forces with Craft and Lore, Sarah Rice Art, and Proper Clothing. All originating in the Pacific Northwest, our teams have come together to offer amazing prizes, including a handstitched Horween Chromexcel Port Wallet from Craft and Lore, a $50 gift card and beanie from Proper Clothing, and a handprinted limited edition MTN Talk T-shirt designed by Sarah Rice Art and printed by Redpoint Prints!

Our grand prize is worth over $150! Sign up for a chance to win these sweet prizes enter here. 

Let’s take a look at all the fantastic local companies involved with this giveaway!

MTN Talk

We believe that the outdoors are intended to be enjoyed by all. The crisp mountain air, the refreshing aroma of pine, and the simple fact that we live in such an astonishing area has got us thinking we need to share it with all of you. We value nature in its most vulnerable state. We as humans have the power to take it all away, but sitting back and becoming lost in all of its wonders is the most powerful feeling nature can offer us.

We’d like to thank Craft and Lore, Sarah Rice Art, Proper Clothing and Red Point Prints for making this giveaway a reality. This collaboration has created new, lasting friendships between our teams. Enter now for an opportunity to be a part of this great collaboration, and help us build even stronger bonds!

Proper Clothing

proper NW .jpg

Proper Clothing designs comfortable Pacific Northwest inspired clothing. This local company has an array of men’s and women’s clothing for all seasons. Cody Powell, owner of Proper Clothing, has built his clothing brand right here in the Coeur d’ Alene area. Check out ProperNW.com for their full clothing line.

Sarah Rice Art

sarah rice art.jpg

Her unique artistic abilities have worked wonders for our new Limited Edition MTN Talk T-shirts! Sarah’s skills and love for animals are highlighted in her beautiful, unique artwork. Check her entire lineup of unique drawings at SarahRiceArt.com

Craft and Lore

craft and lore.jpg

Premium leather goods from Craft and Lore are all handstitched and made by Coeur d’ Alene local Chad Von Lind. A rich Horween Chromexcel leather is used to make these comfortable and durable leather products. From wallets to belts, Craft and Lore specializes in creating quality goods right here in North Idaho. For more leather products, visit CraftAndLore.com.

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