Vance Creek Bridge Shenanigans

This is a photo story of the trip to the infamous #ThatNWBridge as Instagramers call it. Vance Creek Bridge is the second tallest bridge in the United States and I feel humbled to have gotten to visit it after being shut down due to vandalization and liability worries from the owners. It is on private property and the owners have started to tear out some of the railroad ties to prevent people from going on it. They have also dug out what is like a trench so you can’t go up on top of it however you can still climb on it. If you’re daring you can walk along the narrow beams and make your way out onto the bridge. Coming from a background of parkour, it was quite easy for me. If you go, be sure to enjoy it, take some photos, and essentially leave no trace.

Note: The Vance Creek Bridge is officially closed to the public. Visitors will be ticketed for trespassing if you get caught. I’d take the risk if I was you, obviously. 

Click here for directions from Coeur d’ Alene, ID

From Coeur d’ Alene, ID: You are capable of getting your self to Olympia first of all. After you make it to Olympia, Wa you’re just goin to keep following hwy 101 until your reach West Skokomish Valley Rd. Stay on that for about 5.6 Miles where you’ll then find Govey Rd. on the right. You’ll want to stay on that for about 3.1 miles. total (combining that with it turning into NF-23) Govey Rd. turns into NF-23. You’ll drive past an area with a gate, just go past that and park up the road if you want at the little pull off area, you can’t miss it. You’ll get out and hike towards the way you came in, onto a trail kind of full of branches and such. Follow the trail until you get to a rough road, turn right onto the road towards the bridge. and boom. You’re now at Vance Creek Bridge after a little stroll, maybe a 1/2 mile or something. Maybe not even that.

Shot by Steven Scarcello
Shot by Steven Scarcello
Shot by Steven Scarcello


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