White Salmon River Bachelor Party

Photo Provide by River Drifters

My brother, Jerry got married and I got the honor of being the best man. Part of being the best man is throwing the best bachelor party ever. I mean this is the last fun time a man can have before tying the knot, or my brothers case planting a lemon tree. Just kidding, Erin, his wife is great and is very adventurous too! After much searching and contemplating, we went with a full day of rafting the shivering class four White Salmon River in Washington. The first night we camped at a place called Moss Creek Campground. It was a neat campground with standard amenities; water spigot, vault toilets, picnic table, and a fire pit.

Shot by Josh Blakley

We had the pleasure of having a fella named Eric as our guide once we reached River Drifters. I am sure Eric thought

“This is going to be the worst trip ever.”

The reason I say this is because we were so ready for some crazy adventures, Sam said, during the intro speil from Eric

“So you ready to die today?” in a jokingly manner

but with an abstract meaning; let’s go get crazy and hit all the sickest waterfalls, we’re ready for some dope times! Eric pretty much said “don’t say die, you’re inviting bad river spirits!” which I mean, if I was Eric, I probably would have thought “what the heck am I getting myself into today with these four idiots?” I think the feeling was mutual at first. We all became chill with each other and had a grand time none the less. He was a great guide!

Photo Provided by River Drifters

The class four rapids turned into class fives at some points which is exactly what we were looking for; going down waterfalls, ramming into boulders hidden beneath the crashing waters, and being immersed in the water while still in the raft.

We got to jump off a cliff into the bone chilling rapids because of a particular waterfall, the guides would not allow noobs to ride it. The guides actually dropped us off onto land before the falls where we then had to hike along the river to meet the guides after they successfully rode that waterfall. We really wanted to join them but the cliff jump was still cool! Eric let my brother be a guide for a couple minutes and also “ride the bull”.

Ride the Bull: When you sit on the front of the raft and hope you don’t fall off.

I was definitely thinking my brother was going down but he managed to stay on. The gorges along the White Salmon River were unreal. Water used to be filled to the brim and flow freely. The river is now fairly low but allowed us to be engulfed and to explore its beauty! Within the deep gorge, rock walls are covered in vibrant green moss that left us in awe.

Shot by Josh Blakley

We scoped out a cool abandoned electrical building while we were rafting and you already know we went in that coming from a background of parkour. Urban exploring is a must, I think everyone should do it, just don’t trash things. Simply explore, take some photos, and be on your merry way. The building looked like a scene straight out of The Walking Dead.

Photo Provided by River Drifters

One last note, I want to thank River Drifters for giving us one hell of a time! They were so kind to provide gluten free/ vegan options for lunch, which I was stoked about! But I’m pretty sure they had a little hiccup on the gluten free food because I don’t think the bun was gluten free! The next day, I was not feeling too hot if you catch my drift!  Anyways, on a good note, we all had a blast together and hope to do this again! I

f you’d like to visit this river and have a grand ol’ time, here is the link to River Drifters.

Written by Josh Blakley

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