Essential Oils for Backpacking


If you love essential oils, or dislike chemicals then you’ll want to check out how these essential oils combat your camping mishaps.

Lavender: You have hiked eight miles up 5,000 feet and you are ready for some food. You whip your compact Pocket Rocket out and begin boiling your water to eat some food. You were so excited for your meal that you grabbed your scorching hot pot and burned your hands. Rub some lavender on your burns and a few hours later you won’t even remember you burned yourself.

Thieves Spray: You have a buddy who is just nasty! He picks his nose and sneezes in his hands, then goes to handle your pot of food you just prepared. Spray some thieves on that bad boy to disinfect it. If you have enough spray your friend, too. Everyone has that nasty friend.

Spray Bottle: Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night because you were dreaming about spiders and you got freaked out? As you wake up you realize it wasn’t actually a dream but a real feeling that a spider was crawling on your face. You basically invited the spiders in because you left your tent zipper opened for those sneaky eight legged freaks to come in.  Spray some of this magic on your zipper and around your tent to keep the bugs away:

  • Lemongrass
  • Peppermint
  • Purification oil
  • 5 drops of each in 4 oz water. Shake, spray and enjoy your sleep.
  • Or maybe the spider just wanted to welcome you to the woods, what a nice fella.


White Angelica: After all the effort you put into hiking, you are finally ready for a good nights sleep. But you are experiencing a little home sickness and anxiety because you are sleeping in a new place. Rub some White Angelica Oil on your ears and you will forget all about home and your anxieties. The woods are now your home and you are at peace.

Vetiver: Roll some of this around your ears for a great night of sleep. You’ll be able to sleep so well you could probably sleep on a pile of rocks. Maybe not, I don’t recommend this.

AromaEase: Aside from all of your hiking, your trip is five hours away on some winding roads through mountains. Your stomach doesn’t really like all of the switching and turning. That’s where AromaEase comes in handy. A little of this on you jaw and palms to smell and BAM. What is even a windy road?


Blue Taped Roller: Immune support roller! Thieves, Lemon, RC, Oregano, and Purification.

Deep Relief: You thought you could actually sleep on that pile of rocks and now you’re paying for it. Use some of this appropriately named Deep Relief Oil.

The Raindrop Technique: A massage using specific oils, on the spine. Fill of lots of herb oils like: Thyme, Oregano, Basil, Marjoram, along with Cypress, Wintergreen, Peppermint, Aroma Siez (a blend) AND…..20 amazing drops of Valor. Go to town!

The Rocky Mountain Hustler

Hello! I’m Mellisa. I’m a mom and wife. AND…I’m an essential oil lover. I didn’t “hop on the oil train” because it’s a “fad”. I actually started using oils because my kids never slept through the night and I was REALLY tired of that. I wanted them to sleep all night and obviously, I wanted to sleep all night.

When my kids slept the night thru, the first night we diffused lavender, I was shocked and veeeeeery happy. I started using them more and more. I started using them for EVERYTHING. I realized I had a sort of tool box at my disposal. I had something I could turn to for everything I needed. Something that grew out of the ground. No chemicals. No additives. Just wonderful drops of miracles. Made from leaves, bark, flowers and such.

The health of our family improved by leaps and bounds. My mental and emotional state changed completely! Everyone in my house slept all night. If I had a sore neck, I could drop a few drops of PanAway on my hands, massage into the area and have relief. Oils for all the things! If I was under a lot of stress, a few sniffs or drops of Stress Away, and ahhhhhh. Calmed me the heck down.

I am incredibly grateful for Young Living, and the care with which they make their products. They truly care about what is in the bottle. They don’t just purchase oil from a different company, and slap a label on it. explains it all.


That is something very important to remember!

If you are interested in learning more about Young Living oils and how to use them, find us on Facebook: Rocky Mountain Hustle, or message me personally. I’m all about helping people start using oils, and answering any and all questions. I love teaching and helping! I also have classes and make and takes! If you’re interested in attending, message me and I will get you dates and times.

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