4 Epic Waterfalls In Glacier National Park

1. St Mary Falls

You will begin this hike at the St. Mary Falls Trailhead which is located about 10.5 miles west of the St. Mary Entrance on the Going-To-The-Sun Road. Once you’re parked you will hike just about a 0.5 mile and drop 260 feet to arrive at St Mary Falls. Super easy hike. But don’t stop there! Keep going on the trail for number 2.

St. Mary Falls

2. Virginia Falls

You will continue on past St Mary Falls just under another mile to reach the staggering Virginia Falls. Pretty hard to snap a great photo of this place if you go right under it like I did – too much mist gets on the lens, but it can be done. The mist is quite refreshing in the midst of summer I bet.


3. Running Eagle Falls AKA Trick Falls

This is a super easy .3 mile hike to reach the falls. There is parking but you may want to arrive early. I actually saw a moose on my way in to this hike, which was neat. Just before reaching the falls you’ll cross over the stream on this sweet foot bridge. There is a little overlook platform and such but if you know me, I am going past that thing for better more unique photos.

Running Eagle Falls in Glacier National Park

4. Apikuni Falls

5500 feet elevation up the mountain. Don’t worry you don’t actually have to hike THAT far up. I would rate this hike fairly easy just because it is only a mile. Some people might rate it moderate-hard because you gain 735 feet within that mile. So just take a break or two if you have to because it’s worth it once you get there.

Apikuni Falls

5. BONUS! Avalanche Gorge

It’s obviously a gorge, not a waterfall but I felt it was definitely worth mentioning. This place is unbelievably cool with how powerful the water carves its-self through the rocks. It cuts cool bowl like features into the rocks. And the colors of the rocks, trees and moss all go together so well. The only thing is it is tough to get a super awesome angle. Here are some photos I captured of it. Seriously one of favorite places.

There are many other waterfalls in Glacier National Park but these ones are so awesome and easily accessible. Stay tuned for some more awesome waterfalls chaser stuff. Share your Glacier National Park experiences with us in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

Experience By: Josh Blakley

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