Bike Going-to-the-Sun Road


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Going to Glacier National Park is a place where you need to go in order to fully get the feel of the vastness of everything. The tall peaks, snow run off that creates turquoise rivers, glaciers, and lakes. Going-To-The-Sun Road is an iconic place to visit for people all over the world. It was inaugurated in 1933. The road allows people to go from Apgar Village in the West Side all the way to the beautiful East Side. Early in the season before Logan’s Pass is open to drive, you can take advantage of having the whole road to yourself with a bicycle – aside from other cyclists of course. Biking to the top will require some energy so make sure grab a delicious breakfast from Eddie’s. I got the “Going to sun breakfast” – how fitting right? It was pretty good too. Now since this is early in the season Glacier National Park probably won’t have the road open very far. It was open until Avalanche Creek where there is parking. The park however encourages the use of a shuttle bus that goes from Lake McDonald Lodge to Avalanche Creek where you’ll be dropped off and on your way you go. This shuttle service is actually new as of 2016 due to the parking lot filling up very quickly.


If you go early enough or in the evening you’ll probably see bears, deer and maybe some other cool animals. Many of the people I talked to said they saw bears along the way so be sure and keep the bear spray handy. My mom is obsessed with wanting to see a bear, or LOTS of bears so she asks everyone where the bear are at and how to find them. If you start early you’ll enjoy the nice cool weather, which is awesome when you’re pedaling up a steep road. The ride starts with a pretty gradual incline but gets pretty intense once you go up a ways especially once you reach The Loop. You’ll see what I mean when you try it. Once you reach the top, it’s all an exhilarating downhill ride from there, literally.


*Side Note Just in case you’re worried about doing the ride, I saw a woman in a wheel chair using yellow gloves to make it up this hill. So no excuses, you CAN do it! Also one more thing, you can walk/ run up the going to the sun road as well.

Here are some distances to some points of interests along the way:

  • Avalanche Creek (Where you start)
  • A Cool Tunnel (An original name I made up) 7 Miles
  • The Loop 8 Miles
  • Weeping Wall 12.5 Miles
  • Logan’s Pass 15.5 Miles

Here is some more info on biking in Glacier

Experience By: Josh Blakley

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